H&H Landscape Management

About Us

H&H Landscape Management is a company that specializes in the outdoor living industry. We create custom tailored landscape programs that infuse your needs, desires, and vision with our aim to support the environment.

The Team

Justin Hansen

Owner/Founder/Lead Dirt Geek

Justin has a passion for the nature that has stemmed from his youth. As far back as he can remember, he has been drawn to outdoors. Whether he was adventuring, playing sports, hiking, fishing, or working – it didn’t matter, as long as he was outside! His depth of knowledge and appreciation for the industry is attributed to assisting his father with his own landscape company throughout his adolescents. Here he learned the level of dedication, drive, and focus needed for landscape industry which sparked his career.

With this zeal, Justin attained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. As he grew, he explored different career opportunities, but inevitably drawn back to his roots and love for nature. Along with this love, Justin is also fascinated by the underlying science and environmental influences that bring a deeper meaning to the landscape. In 2018, Justin pursued this curiosity and attended UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture’ selective specialty school, the International Winter School for Turf Managers. Here he furthered his scientific knowledge and learned best practices/techniques for various aspects of the landscape industry, with a special focus on grass and soil.

Justin’s respect and appreciation for nature is clear through the work of H&H and this transfers to his thoughtful interactions with his customers. Through his continued learning and growth, Justin still is in awe of nature every day. He understands the emotional response that nature can evoke and how breathtaking mother nature can really be. This admiration serves as his inspiration in which he is able to instill his professional knowledge/skill into all aspects of H&H providing both quality and care to his customers and employees alike.

Specialties: Turfgrass Weed Management, Soil Science, Turf Pathology, Entomology, Agronomy, Turfgrass physiology and Arboriculture.

Westfield State University: B.S. Business Management
UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture: International Winter School for Turf Managers

Lauren Wasgatt

Administrative Program Coordinator and Development & Support Specialist

Lauren comes from an administrative healthcare background where she managed a high demand pediatric specialty clinic. After 6 years in healthcare, she is excited to translate her skill set into the world of Landscape! She is dedicated to improving customer and employee experience through balancing organizational, empathetic, and analytical reasoning skills. Her love for organization along with her endless interest in horticulture and design has brought her to H&H.

Outside of her life at H&H, Lauren enjoys being out in nature and spending time with her friends, family & dog. She takes pride in her cooking abilities and loves nothing more than utilizing home-grown veggies and herbs! Lauren is dedicated to growth and is always looking for opportunities to further her education in horticulture, landscape design, and more.

Stevenson University : B.S. Human Services

We’ll work with you to create a custom-tailored program/design to fit your needs and provide you with a personalized and unique experience. It’s our promise to create beautiful and sustainable landscaping that can last a lifetime.

Sustainability, environmental protection, recycling: all extremely important to everything we do.
So much so that even our uniforms are made from recycled materials!

Certifications + Awards

International Winter School for Turf Managers

UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture

This certification is earned after completion of an immersive and intensive program where one studies concepts essential to maintaining high quality turf grass. This rigorous course covers advanced topics ranging from soil science, to pathology, to entomology and more.

Invasive Plant Certification

UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Invasive plants can cause unique challenges requiring specialized plans for management within all landscape environments.

Massachusetts Pesticide Applicator’s License

Providing safe and responsible applications to your turf and trees. Allows the license holder to apply non-commercial grade pesticides to residential properties with the permission of home or landowner.

UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture Green School – Landscape Management

This comprehensive course is for horticultural professionals who wish to gain a deeper understanding of plant and land care fundamentals, sustainability methods, and the impact landscape practices have on environmental quality.

Angi Super Service Award 2021
H&H Property Management 2020 Angie's List
Angie's List

About Our Logo

Like everything we do, we put a lot of thought into our logo. It might not be evident at first glance, but there is deeper meaning to our “tree with roots” logo. At face value, it encompasses our landscape company as we provide service from roots to treetops and more.

If you dig (pun intended) a little deeper, you will notice the logo is specifically an oak tree. Oak trees are one of the hardest, strongest, and most durable trees in New England. The wood is solid, dense, and strong providing stability to withstand great winds and inclement weather. The branch structure is expansive and beautiful both with and without leaves.

H&H strives to emit the aura of an oak tree by encompassing that strength and endurance which has led the company to where it is today. Even more, oak trees have an extensive root system that travel deep and far underground and provide a solid foundation. H&H recognizes the importance of a solid and deep foundation upon which to grow.

We see our roots as the true core of our company which is made up of the dedication and hard work
that goes on behind the scenes of each project/task, our outstanding team and the support we receive from our loyal customers and families.

While you might see a tree with roots, we see a reminder of our past growth and the opportunity yet to come.

A little History

As a second-generation landscaper, Justin’s interested in the outdoors started at a young age while assisting his father with his own company. In turn, he developed the inherent landscape knowledge, skills, and passion that cannot be taught in the classroom.

As a nod to his dad’s previous company, Justin and his team continue to grow with the goal of contributing to the local community and its natural landscape.