H&H Landscape Management

Garden Maintenance

At the heart of every beautiful garden is the essential act of maintenance. While some love to spend hours in the garden, most of us just don’t have the time. H&H provides impeccable garden maintenance services ranging from plant debris removal and mulch installation to weeding, pruning and more. We treat each garden with the meticulous attention it needs, keeping your landscape healthy, clean, and attractive through the seasons.

Shrubs & Trees

Spring, Summer, & Fall

Pruning helps your tree/shrub maintain a proper shape and size for your landscape; however, its benefits do not stop at visual appeal. By pruning, we allow the plant to better distribute and focus its energy/nutrients to growing areas resulting in sturdier branch structure and therefore a healthier and happier tree/shrub! When done correctly, pruning can also increase fruit or flower production, aiding the ecosystem around it.

Pruning may sound simple but should always be performed with the knowledge of proper pruning practices specific to each species and cultivar. Improper or lack of pruning can lead to weak stems, lack of growth and can even kill a tree/shrub over time.

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Fine Garden Care

Spring, Summer, & Fall

H&H Landscape Management Garden MaintenanceHere at H&H, we are not shy about our love for nature. Having plants, trees, and shrubs in your own yard can bring the benefits of nature right to your doorstep. There is an inexplicable enjoyment that comes from being in the beauty of an outdoor garden. Between the blooming flowers, the birds singing, and that fresh air smell, it is rejuvenating in comparison with our busy lives.

A landscape flowing with harmonized textures and colors throughout the seasons assures this bliss all year round. The success of gardens of many different varieties and themes share one necessity: maintenance. Whether it be simple removal of weeds, pre-emergent weed control, trimming, fertilization, or winter preparation.

Our experienced staff can assist with your gardening needs, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the beauty of your exquisite garden!

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Spring, Summer, & Fall

We love to save water! The misuse of an irrigation system can lead to hundreds of gallons of wasted water, fertilizer leaching, erosion, soil compaction, turfgrass diseases, weaker root systems, weaker overall plant and much more. Our background in hydrology makes our team to great fit to get your irrigation system on the right track.

Mulch Install & Garden Bed Prep


The benefits of installing mulch goes beyond just the cosmetic appearance of a clean crisp look. Functional benefits include moisture retention, weed suppression, temperature regulation and soil fertility. Our team is here to assure proper installation of mulches in your gardens to maximize the benefits of the product you choose.

Come Spring, garden beds are prepped for mulch primarily through weeding, edging, and removal of old mulch. Dry old mulch buildup inhibits the garden from maximizing the benefits of fresh mulch. H&H only installs top quality natural mulch free from added dyes.

Brown pine mulch: Our most popular choice due to the subtle yet clean look that matches in almost all garden varieties. A highly aromatic double ground fresh pine produced here in New England.

Red hemlock mulch: Red hemlock mulch often contains dyes and chemicals to enhance the red color. Our mulch never contains these and boasts red from the natural coloration of the tree is came from. Being another highly aromatic double ground material produced here in New England, you can expect a beautifully rich appearance.

Black forest pine mulch: Our most distinctive option provides a dark backdrop for your plant, shrubs and trees making foliage and bloom colors prominent and enhanced. The contrast also features notable grass edge lines. Again, this mulch contains no artificial dyes or chemicals and instead uses the addition of compost to achieve it’s dark coloration.

Organic compost leaf mulch: Our most beneficial option for your tree and plant health, leaf mulch possesses all the distinct features of other mulches plus much more. Organic leaf compost provides abundant nutrients in a natural environment without the use of any chemicals. This organic mulch decomposes at a faster rate than traditional bark mulch making it perfect for building your soil profile and biology and more functional in nature.

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