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H&H is proud to partner with Donahue Tree Specialists to offer you top quality Tree Care Services! In collaboration with Donahue, we can service your Tree Care needs from initial planting all the way through to tree and stump removal.
Donahue Tree Specialists

Here at H&H, we love trees. It may sound cliché, but trees are a vital part of everyday life. They are truly remarkable and essential to our New England habitat. Aside from their clear beauty and aesthetic appeal, trees have a positive and significant impact on our environment. (Click here to read more about why we love trees!) We are dedicated to promoting sustainability and supporting our eco-systems, which is why we view Tree Care as just that, care for the tree!

Pruning & Trimming

H&H Landscape Management Tree CareWe offer pruning of both shrubs and trees of all sizes. There are several different types of pruning, but the primary goal of all forms is to promote tree/shrub health, growth, safety, and aesthetic appeal. There are many reasons why your tree may require or benefit from pruning. Our knowledgeable specialists will help determine the specific needs of your tree based on their evaluation of both the tree’s characteristics as well as outside factors in the surrounding areas. Tree and shrub trimming/shearing can be performed alongside pruning to create a certain shape or silhouette for visual appeal. H&H recommends hand pruning for most shrubs and ornamental trees as it is proper practice for most species and is the recommended technique for promoting healthy growth and branch structure. Hand pruning allows for precise and purposeful cuts by our specialists.

Some common reasons for pruning may be:

  • Tree Health & Promotion of Growth (routine maintenance)
    • Crown Raising
    • Crown Thinning
    • Crown Reduction
    • Removal of dead wood: allows trees to more effectively direct nutrients to growing portions of the tree 
    • Weight reduction: less stress for tree
  • Safety (Immediate & Storm Damage Prevention)
    • Clearance to house/roof
    • Clearance to service lines
    • Clearance over driveway 
      • Prevent damage to cars or individuals from fallen branches and/or falling debris such as small twigs, acorns, and pinecones
    • Weight reduction & thinning can help tree during storms
  • Fallen Branches
    • Storm Damage
    • Dead limbs
  • Benefit the overall homeostasis of the home/space
    • Provide more sunlight to other lawn/grass and other plants, trees & shrubs promoting growth and lawn health
    • Help prevent water puddling/increase rate of evaporation
  • Added Benefit to the homeowner
    • Increase sunlight to deck/patio/pool
    • Increase sunlight to roof for solar panel installation 
    • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye and landscape design

Tree Removal

H&H Landscape Management Tree CareAs avid tree lovers, the H&H Team prefers to use our knowledge and techniques to sustain and rehabilitate trees, but we understand that there are circumstances where tree removal does become necessary. Our expert team will evaluate and determine if a tree is able to be saved through pruning & rehabilitation, or if removal would be best practice. While we do offer necessary services such as tree removal, we are passionate advocates for preserving and maintaining tree health and safety.

There are several reasons why a tree may need to be removed:

  • Safety Hazard
    • Leaning over home or other structure putting lives at risk
    • Lack of structural integrity/susceptible to falling/breaking during storm
  • Dead/dying/diseased 
    • Dead hollow tree/branches
    • High risk for storm damage 
    • Pests such as spongy moths 
    • Dying tree with little to no hope for rehabilitation
  • Overcrowding
    • Trees are often planted too close together or too close to a structure causing crowded root systems and risk of damage resulting in lack of growth and compromised plant health. Removal of some trees will promote health/growth for the remaining trees that will now have access to more water, nutrients, sun, etc.
  • Other environmental concerns
    • Removal of some trees can increase sunlight & airflow around home 
      • preventing mold & mildew due to less moisture 
      • reducing excess amounts of standing water causing damage to the ground and/or home (previously shielded from the sun resulting in lack of evaporation)

Storm Cleanup

H&H Tree CareHere in NE we often experience storms of high wind and/or severe rain or snow. All of these environmental factors can cause storm damage. Storm damage can be the damage of your trees or the damage of your property due to surrounding trees.

  • Remove Fallen or damaged trees/branches
  • Removing debris from yard

Due to the nature of storm damage, tress can often take down power lines and become an immediate hazard to yourself and its surrounding. Storm damage clean up can be dangerous and should always be done by knowledgeable professionals who have the specialized equipment and appropriate PPE to get the job done correctly and more importantly, safely.

See why we love trees:

Stump Removal

Why Remove Stump?

  • Safety
    • Tripping Hazard
    • Danger to Children

  • Aesthetic
    • Can become an eye sore

  • Decaying stump & root system
    • Susceptible to mold/fungal diseases
    • Attracts pests/bugs
    • Becomes health hazard/can spread disease to other vegetation

  • Space
    • Opens space to be repurposed

What H&H has to say about Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal?

We are dedicated to providing high quality services backed by a depth of expertise and experience. In turn we strive to share our knowledge so that you and customers alike can make educated choices to fit your personal preferences and needs.

When it comes to the question of what to do with a stump, the answer is not always the same. We ask that you weigh the pros and cons of both to decide which option better suits your needs.

Want to know more about the Pros and Cons of Stump Grinding and Removal? Click here (or the button below) to download our guide.

Planting & Transplanting

  • Assuring our sustainability and eco-consciousness 
  • Added visual appeal
  • Saving already established & healthy trees/shrubs instead of removal
  • Improving quality of natural surroundings 

Mulch Installation

Mulch provides many benefits to your tree’s health and should be included when performing Garden Maintenance.

Full circle of Tree Life – mulch is made up from trees (wood or leaves) and re-purposed to provide other trees, shrubs and plants with added nutrients and benefits they need to thrive.

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