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Seasonal Care

Spring and Fall cleanups can be a daunting task without the right equipment and simply take too much time out of your busy days. Take back your weekends and enjoy the changing seasons with friends and family without the headache of cleaning up the yard by hand.

One of the many reasons we love New England is for our distinctive seasons, each with their own unique characteristics. Let us handle all your seasonal needs: from Spring cleanup to Fall debris removal, we get our hands dirty, so you don’t have to!

Seasonal changes are inevitable in New England. Let us handle all your landscape & tree care needs no matter the season! Our meteorological calendar below outlines our seasonal maintenance offerings.

**In addition to the seasons below, landscape design & install + large tree care can be performed during any season (winter is weather dependent).**


March 1 - May 31

Spring cleanups are customized to each client’s property depending on what the landscape demands. A Spring cleanup helps breathe life back into your property after the winter months as it prepares for new growth. Not only does a cleanup promote new Spring growth, but it leaves your yard looking clean and fresh. A typical cleanup for the Spring season includes but is not limited to: cleaning leaf & stick debris from all garden beds and turf grass areas, along with evaluating shrub and tree damage from winter storms.

As the days become longer and the snow melts away, we hear the chirping of the birds once again; a sign that Spring is here!

The air warms and we see leaf buds growing on the trees as early season perennials show their foliage. Spring serves as a reminder that the growing season has returned and with that, the season sets the foundation for the rest of the year. The practices that H&H perform during this time are vital to the success of your landscape for the seasons and years to come.

Sit back as we breathe life back into your yard after a long cold winter!


June 1 - September 30

When Summer shines through, the hard work in the Spring pays off as we seem flowers blooming against freshly mulched garden beds, every detail in place. We offer maintenance services such as lawn mowing, pruning, and weeding that will keep your lawn and garden healthy and happy throughout the hot summer months. Looking to update your outdoor living space? What better time for a new landscape design and installation than when the sun is shining, and plant materials are happy and flowering!

As the air and soil temperatures steadily rise, we begin to see the fruits of our Spring labor and attentiveness. From lush turfgrass to the colorful and abundant blooms of perennials and shrubs, the Summer brightens our gardens and our spirits.

We have a passion for managing your landscapes to keep their beauty all season long. From weekly lawn service to fine garden maintenance, our goal is to ensure that you experience nature’s splendor without the chore of maintenance and upkeep. Leave that to us and enjoy the summer sun!


October 1 - November 30

H&H Landscape Management Seasonal CareCome Fall, there is beauty in the changing landscape and feel of the crisp air, but with that Autumn beauty comes the dreaded fallen leaves, twigs, and branches that soon begin to turn brown. We offer Fall Cleanups to get your lawn and garden beds in top shape so that you can enjoy the rest of the season outdoors! Not only does this provide an aesthetic benefit, but it prevents leaf/tree debris from being trapped under snow during the winter months which can cause damage to the grass, mulch, and root systems. Clients can choose the frequency of cleanups throughout the autumn season, while most clients choose a two-visit program some prefer a higher frequency.

A bittersweet time of year for us; just beautiful, yet a sign of the end of the growing season.

As bittersweet as it may be, between ideal soil temperatures and less direct heat from the sun, early Autumn is the perfect time for planting, a nod to the next growing season to come.

In late Autumn, when the gorgeous colors start to fall to the ground and the winter months are approaching, our team will ensure that the property is nice and tidy for the holiday season and ready to take on the cold!


December 1 - February 28/29

We are proud to keep our community safe during harsh Winter weather. Keeping parking lots and walkways clear of snow and ice is a true passion for the H&H Snow and Ice Management team. Depend on us this winter and take back your snow days!

Even in the cold and snowy New England winter, one can still enjoy the benefits of a beautiful landscape with the addition of outdoor winter or holiday arrangements. Feeling proactive? Ask us about different planting options for all year interest, color, & texture that can be installed before the winter comes!

If you need help with snow and ice, we’re here to help as well with plowing and ice management options.

Need Seasonal Care?