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We are proud to keep our community safe during harsh winter weather. Keeping parking lots and walkways clear of snow and ice is a true passion for the H&H Snow and Ice Management team. Depend on us this winter and take back your snow days!

Snow Management

Snow Services

New England is infamous for our long and cold winters accompanied by snow, ice, and more snow! While the snow itself can be a thing of beauty as is blankets over your landscape and lays delicately on the trees, it also creates dangerous outdoor conditions. H&H is dedicated to keeping you, your family, and/or your customers & employees safe during harsh winter months.

Reliability & Safety – H&H Snow Management is the team you can trust even during the tough blizzard-like weather conditions we often face. You can depend on us not only to get the job done, but to do so effectively, efficiently, and safely. From driveways and walkways to parking lots and side walks, we offer a variety of snow services that can be tailored to meet residential and commercial.

We monitor weather patterns along with air and pavement temperatures throughout the season, so we are always ready for whatever the New England Winter brings.

Are you an essential worker who needs to get to work no matter the weather conditions? Ask us about our First Frost snow management program!

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