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Turfgrass Care

From simple weekly lawn mowing to fertilization, grub prevention, and soil health to renovation and full lawn installations; we can help you with all of your grass and lawn related needs. With our background in Turf Management and extensive soil knowledge, you can feel confident in choosing H&H for your lawn care needs.

Our regular practice is to evaluate turfgrass every time we step foot on it, ensuring that you are receiving the desired functionality of your lawn. We evaluate everything from weather conditions and growth patterns to signs of stress, nutrient levels, soil makeup and more.

We offer many services that promote lawn health, density, durability, and longevity. After evaluation, our specialists will guide you to which services are most beneficial for your lawn and create a customized plan just for you.

Lawn Mowing & Trimming

Late Spring - Late Fall

Lawn maintenance is an essential part of keeping a happy, healthy, and green lawn! Not only does our lawn care program come with quality mowing, but also precision edge trimming and blowing off debris from hard surfaces. Our lawn mowers are regularly cleaned, and blades sharpened to provide you with top quality while mitigating stress to the lawn. You can choose from weekly or bi-weekly as well as if you want grass clippings mulched back into the lawn or bagged and removed. Please ask our expert team about what practice is best for your lawn and grass type!

Fertilizer/Herbicide Program & Soil Testing

Spring - Fall

Our certified turfgrass manager has extensive knowledge in the turfgrass agronomy field, making our fertilization programs very unique. Most applicators will simply follow the packaging instructions to maintain a lawn’s current pH levels, but here at H&H we dig deeper into things. We will provide soil testing, a critical annual practice that provides scientific feedback on your specific turfgrass needs. The results indicate the soil’s current state, allowing our expert team to evaluate and treat with lime accordingly. This customized program untaps your lawns truest potential, not only helping your lawn visually but supporting the turf grass’ health and longevity.

Some highlights of our fertilization program are:

  • Seasonal pre-emergent weed protection – preventing weeds before they start!
  • Grub prevention – Background in entomology to help troubleshoot bug/insect infiltration
  • Crabgrass spot treatment
  • Monthly Fertilization
  • Soil Testing
  • Tailored Lime Application

Cultural Practices/Lawn Renovation

Spring & Fall

Compaction is a major issue in maintaining healthy turf grass. High soil density contributes to erosion, weak roots and lack of nutrients. Having compact soil leaves you at risk for erosion and water movement (from rainfall and irrigation systems), which result in needed water not entering the soil and not being absorbed by your turf roots. Also, because of soil compaction, turf roots have a difficult time growing deeper and heat stress can be overwhelming.

Verticutting: This practice utilizes equipment in which blades cut “slices” into the existing lawn which is typically followed by overseeding. In this case, the seeds are able to have more direct contact with the soil leading to higher rates of germination. This method also helps promote lawn density.

Core aeration: This practice utilizes equipment that pull out plugs of the turf and soil of the lawn and can also be followed by overseeding. While verticutting is typically more beneficial in terms of initial seed germination and growth, core aeration provides benefit to the soil itself. Core aeration reduces the density of the soil, which in turn helps infiltration of water and helps nutrients become more evenly distributed to the root systems.

These two processes in combination with overseeding promote your lawn’s growth, density, longevity, and overall health. Our specialist will evaluate your lawn to determine which practices your turf grass would benefit from.

Top Dress: Top dressing is a fine organic material that can be spread thinly over the existing lawn. This supplements when a lawn lacks the organic material it needs to thrive. When paired with overseeding, this offers soil to seed contact, giving a better success rate for germination.

Dethatching: Turfgrass thatch is the decaying material between the turfgrass crowns and the soil. The thatch layer can be beneficial, but when exceeding 1 inch in depth, the absorption of nutrients and water can be affected. The results of thatch build up leads to higher risk of insects and disease. A thin thatch layer is natural and desired, so we will only perform turfgrass dethatching when the practice is truly beneficial. Our expert team will evaluate your turf grass and suggest the appropriate practices above to help prevent the buildup of your lawns thatch layer!

Re-grading & Lawn Installation

Spring & Fall

Sometimes a lawn requires complete replacement for a variety of different reasons. Some reasons you may want a new lawn installation may be:

  • Damage to current lawn
  • Expansion of yard or addition of more usable lawn space
  • Inconsistent grade across lawn or irregularity in subsoil
  • Lack of growth due to soil, turf grass cultivar, weed infestation, disease, etc.

The ideal soil profile under your turfgrass is 30% clay, 30% silt and 30% sand with not more than 5% organic material. However, these percentages need to be adjusted accordingly when taking into consideration factors such as water table or drainage. During a lawn installation, our experienced team will select and install loam with the correct soil profile as well as proper cultivar and species of turf grass best suited for each given lawn area.

You will also have the choice of grass form to be installed:

  • Traditional Grass Seed – grass seed with separate application of starter fertilizer and pre-emergent
  • HydroSeed – mixture of grass-seed, fertilizer, and wood fiber that holds moisture for a longer duration
  • Sod Turf Grass – mature grass with soil layer resulting in a finished look, great turf density and instant gratification

Let a certified turfgrass manager install, evaluate, and treat your lawn like a golf course fairway!

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