H&H Landscape Management

9 Reasons
Why We Love Trees

Having a tree in our logo, you might’ve guessed: we LOVE trees! Here’s why.

1. Improved Air Quality

During photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and using the energy of the sun, it naturally converts into chemical compounds that feed the tree itself. In turn, it creates oxygen as a bioproduct that is released back into the air. Not only does this improve the quality of the air that we breath, but it also reduces the negative effect of carbon dioxide on the climate. Along with carbon dioxide, trees also absorb and trap other pollutant gases. Think of a tree as nature’s air filter!

2. Soil

Trees have deep roots that help prevent erosion and hold soil in place. Once fallen, their leaves can be composted into nutrient rich organic matter that adds nutrients to soil and helps retain moisture that nourishes further plant/tree growth.

3. Water

Trees have root systems that continuously grows, reaching further and further. These roots systems help surrounding soil retain and percolate water which is beneficial to tree health, surrounding plant health, and prevention of water runoff. Not only do trees conserve water underneath he ground, but tree canopies are able to intercept falling rain allowing a slower infiltration into the soil. This combats stormwater runoff and erosion and helps effectively recharge groundwater supplies.

4. Climate Control

Trees combat climate change through their air filtration, but also control/regulate the sun and climate. Trees keep us cooler in the summer by providing shade and absorbing the sun’s radiating energy, but also shield us from rain, snow, and wind, keeping us warmer and more protected during harsh weather.

5. Food

The leaves, flowers, nuts, and fruits produced by various trees provide food and nutrients for humans as well as many different animals.

6. Habitat

As many aspects of nature, trees are not only beneficial to humans, but also to the many animals and organisms living on the earth. Trees provide homes and shelter for a variety of animals as well as provide an underground ecosystem supporting many organisms that keep our plant clean and green!

7. Mental Health

Trees and nature have both been shown to have a positive impact on our health and can significantly aid in reducing stress. Everyone bonds with nature differently, but many have found solace, deep emotional connection, and even artistic inspiration through their proximity to trees.

8. Symbolism

Since ancient times, trees have represented growth, wisdom, and the cycle of life. In more modern times, trees have grown to symbolize strength, compassion, and family. Different forms of tree symbolism have been observed for centuries through several different cultures and because of this, thousands of trees have been planted in memory of a lost loved ones. Often depicted in artwork, mythology, and poetry.

9. Beauty

Visually, trees are absolutely stunning. Each tree species comes with its own unique characteristics that make each individual tree a natural work of art. Trees boast a variety of different colors, textures, heights, and branch structures that create all-season beauty and evoke emotion and bliss. Along with visible charm, the above list demonstrates the intangible/invisible beauty that trees embody.

Do you Love Trees Too?