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Natick, Massachusetts

For this project, we worked with our client to develop a multi-phase landscape design. The project began with the front lawn area where a variety of deer-resistant Conifers were specifically placed in order to provide desired screening. The shrubs and plants were chosen with varying maturity size, seasonal flower, leaf texture, and branch structure to ensure ideal garden color and design throughout the seasons and years.

In the next phase, we focused on the backyard where we installed additional natural screening along the property line. A full soil profile reconstruction was performed for the garden in the conifer and native species perennial garden.

Our overall goal of this landscape design was to practice environment conservation by limiting the amount of turf grass maintenance on the property. However, we also wanted to highlight the native beauty that New England has to offer.

Dover, Massachusetts

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Paul G. Smith Paving on this driveway and turf grass installation. Due to incorrect drainage in the front of the property, the overall lawn grade needed correction as well as added height to accommodate the finished top coat of the driveway. This project included a full removal and reconstruction of the soil profile in the front lawn area, along with the installation of proper species and cultivar of turf grass sod and seed to finish the project. We enjoyed teaming up with Paul Smith Paving to provide our client with an upgraded driveway to accent their charming home.

In addition, a Kohler Power System generator was recently installed at this home to assure full function even in the worst weather conditions. However, this created an eyesore amongst the beauty of the rest of the property. We installed a natural screening using two natural berm shrub gardens. These were strategically placed to screen the generator from both the home as well as the new driveway. Once the berm shrub gardens were in place, Ilex meserveae (Blue Princess Holly) and Ilex verticillata (Winter Berry) were methodically installed to fully conceal and block the view of the generator. To assure that these new natural screening gardens would continue to thrive, we installed drip irrigation and compost leaf mulch. Now our client can enjoy the function and security of a generator without sacrificing the integrity and natural beauty of their woodland property.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This property is a newer condominium near the city, so because of this, we wanted to introduce seasonal flowers, leaf texture, and branch structure in the backyard to create a unique and special experience. We created a small backyard oasis where our clients could escape and enjoy the tranquility of nature, in contrast to their busy Boston lives.

In order to do this, we helped this client create additional privacy by installing arborvitae and Spruce trees in specific locations. These act as natural screens that assist with blocking views of the neighboring condos. We designed a beautiful floral garden consisting of Limelight and Endless Summer hydrangea, as well as Nepeta perennials as a foreground. This, along with the Eastern Redbud tree, will provide much-needed color during the Spring and into the Summer months. Since the original soil profile of this property was of poor quality, we performed a full soil profile reconstruction along with a compost mulch. Irrigation zones were installed to provide proper watering to the newly installed plants, shrubs, and trees. This all lays the foundation for an ideal growing environment, promoting plant health and longevity.

All machines, equipment, and materials were transported through the back-door threshold using a fully custom ramp and protective coverings to ensure safety and zero damage to the home.

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